A king of freight scaffolds, king of cargo scaffolds

A king who commands the most impressive cargo haulers has just been found dead in a river near Mumbai.

His body has been identified as Anil Prakash Chander, 52.

Prakash was found by a fisherman in the Chanda district of Maharashtra on February 23.

He had been on the move for almost three months.

His corpse was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The state’s police chief, P.P. Bhattacharya, confirmed that Prakas was found dead.

“He was found in a lake in Chanda, near Mumbai, and has been taken to the state’s hospital for treatment,” Bhattasary told AFP news agency.

“He died in the water.”

A local government official said the body was found near the railway track and the railway station in the area.

The official, who did not want to be identified, said the official of the local authority had received a call from a fisherman on February 16 asking for the body.

The police official, however, said that the fisherman had already made arrangements for a private funeral.

Pacharya said the fisherman was a local fisherman who had been in the city for more than two months and had taken part in several cargo hauls.

“We will be checking whether the fisherman’s death is connected with the cargo hauling, which is being done by another individual,” Bhatacharya told AFP.

“If so, we will also register a case.”

Police have been investigating the death and are waiting for a post-mortem report.