A new harbour freight viser: An industrial port that can be built out of land without having to dredge

An industrial facility that can build out of existing land is possible at Harbor Freight, a new port in the port of Harport in Norfolk.

Harbor Freight’s owners, the Hampton Roads Regional Partnership (HRRP), have invested more than $1 million in the new facility, and the facility will be built on a floating dock and will include a new cargo terminal and a freight vehicle terminal.

The new terminal will have an area of 500,000 square feet, and it will be able to accommodate up to 2,000 cars, according to the project team.

The project will also include a steel rail car ramp to accommodate vehicles and containers that will be moved into the facility, as well as new shipping containers that can carry up to 250,000 tons of cargo, according the HRRP.

The facility’s future is now, but there are several challenges ahead.

One is the port’s lack of access to land, and two, there is the need to acquire the land and the equipment to build out the terminal, said the HRRPP.

The port has already started a formal environmental review of the terminal and will take into account the environmental impacts of the project.

The port’s management has committed to a 10-year plan, and HRRP is working with Hampton Roads to identify and acquire land that could support a new facility.

The HRRP has also asked for the City of Norfolk to develop a site plan for the facility.