Costa Concordia passenger’s death due to mechanical failure

Costa Concordian passenger Francesco Giorgetti died after being struck by a train at the Porto Alegre train station in Portugal on Sunday, police said.Giorgis’ death is not being treated as suspicious and the cause of death is being investigated, police […]

What if you could use an industrial harvester to produce wood in your home?

A new kind of harvesters has been invented by a Canadian company, and it can be used in a wide range of industries, including lumber production.The Harvester is a compact, industrial-sized harvessther with a range of features that make it […]

What the hell are you doing with your life? That’s what you can find out from the Federal Trade Commission’s new FAQ

source Ars Tech Blog title How to calculate your freight class and other expenses article The Federal Trade Commissions FAQ explains in detail what constitutes a freight class, and what you should be asking the FTC to investigate if you […]

A new harbour freight viser: An industrial port that can be built out of land without having to dredge

An industrial facility that can build out of existing land is possible at Harbor Freight, a new port in the port of Harport in Norfolk.Harbor Freight’s owners, the Hampton Roads Regional Partnership (HRRP), have invested more than $1 million in […]