Fedex workers: ‘We’re not just looking for a job’

FEDEX, the international cargo shipping firm, has said it is considering hiring as many as 2,000 people to work on the freight floor at its warehouses in the UK.

It has been looking at other sites in the north of England to take advantage of the country’s low labour costs, but it has said the new roles would be in addition to its usual positions, including in warehouses.

It is not clear whether it will employ people from its warehouses or other locations.

The announcement comes as the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May is set to announce the country will leave the European Union. 

We will share with the UK Government more details as soon as they are available.” “

We are pleased to be looking for new roles in the United Kingdom and are working closely with our partners to ensure these roles are well-suited to the UK environment and to the unique challenges of this sector.”

We will share with the UK Government more details as soon as they are available.

“The move follows a series of announcements from the UK government to attract and retain skilled workers. 

The UK government has announced a £50m investment to boost skills and employ more people in sectors such as agriculture and the hospitality sector. 

In the past year, the UK has seen an increase in the number of people employed in its food services sector, a rise in the proportion of jobs held by women, and a surge in the numbers of jobs in the construction sector.

The government also announced plans to bring more people into the hospitality and retail sectors, to create thousands of new jobs and boost productivity. Read more Posted by Mark Davies at 7:08:00