Harbormaster & Freight flyer hits out at ‘dirty’ ‘dirty-sounding’ ‘freight flyers’

Israel’s largest freight-tracking firm, Harbompaster &ltd., has hit back at “dirty” and “disgusting” flyers posted on its website, accusing them of being part of a campaign to discredit Israel’s maritime security and a threat to its ability to operate in the international maritime space.

In a statement, the firm said the flyers “are meant to make the company appear dirty, nasty and malicious, in order to harm Israel’s security and to hurt its chances of operating in international waters.”

The flyers are part of an online campaign against Harbomaster &gtd., the Israeli-owned firm that tracks the movement of freight on Israel’s coastal waters.

They say the firm has “abandoned” Israel’s exclusive economic zone, or EEZ, which prohibits the movement or access of Israeli goods into the coastal waters of the Palestinian territory.

The flyers say they are part, in part, of a “campaign to discredit” Israel.

The flyers are meant to “disguise” Israel as being a “dirty, nasty” company that does not have the same level of competence and integrity as the rest of the shipping industry.

In response to the flyers, HarBomaster’s head of marketing, Yoav Meir, told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the company does not support or condone such flyers and that the firm’s position is that it is “an international shipping company that operates internationally, not exclusively in Israel.”

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Freight flyers on Harbampasterer& Harbarge flyer on HarBormaster&amp.

Freight flyer on the Harbomer &amp.; Harbamaster flyer on its Facebook page.

Haberram &amp as Freight tracker on its own page.

The Hebrew text above the image is part of the flyer.

Source: Harbabormaster website