How a freight train breaks down on the West Coast

The train has broken down on its way to Fremantle and the Perth station, and the track is now stuck.

The freight train from Perth to Fremendon was being transported to Fremondors Perth depot on Thursday night when it became stuck at Perth Airport.

Railway operator BNSF said the train’s brakes were not working properly and the driver had to stop and start the train again.

BNSF has sent out an email alerting customers that the train was stopped due to a “high-speed collision” and that it is on its side and can’t be moved.

“Due to a collision, the freight train has stopped at Perth airport and it is currently on its backside,” the email read.

“(It is) on the track and can not be moved due to the high-speed colliding with the freight truck.”

The train is being towed to Fremonds Perth depot for further inspection.

A spokesman said it was not possible to access the train because of the impact.

Train service at Perth station has been suspended until further notice due to this incident.

An AFP news release said the freight was travelling at 70kph and was carrying about 2,000kgs of freight.

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