How to get rid of the $300,000 cargo truck: It’s a ‘huge waste’

The freight part of a $300 million cargo truck is one of the largest and most dangerous pieces of equipment in the United States.

Its the reason it’s so expensive to repair, so dangerous, and that its so easy to destroy.

And its why, when its not in service, there’s always an estimated $150,000 worth of parts to be found.

And the one thing that keeps finding its way into the waste heap is parts.

But what’s a waste part?

How does a part get into the trash?

And this part of the waste is what makes the Waste Reduction Act such a huge deal.

Wasteful parts can be recycled, or they can be sent to a recycling facility that will reuse them.

Or they can go into a landfill.

And it’s a big waste.

So, the federal government started issuing guidelines to ensure that parts and materials are properly disposed of.

For example, a piece of a broken axle can be replaced with a new one.

Or a piece from a new piece of equipment can be made into a new part.

But there are some other types of waste that go into the garbage.

And that’s what makes Waste Reduction legislation so important.

It’s estimated that about 80 percent of all parts in the US are not recycled.

But that is changing.

And one company is taking the waste and making it more profitable.