How to spray freight onto anvils

AUSTRALIA’S freight industry has been rocked by the death of a freighting contractor who died after accidentally spraying cargo onto an aluminium anvil that had been stacked on top of it.

The man died at the scene of the accident on Friday morning, but it was not known if the container he was holding was the one that exploded in flames, according to ABC News.

He was 47.

The victim’s name has not been released.

Freight shipments account for around 60 per cent of Australia’s total export value, according the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

In the lead-up to the fire, a fire service spokesperson said the container had been in a container locker in the yard of the warehouse where the cargo was stored.

“It was not an open container,” the spokesperson said.

“The contents were stored in a separate container and the container was removed for cleaning before being stored in the warehouse for shipment to Australia.”

Mr Alford was an apprentice freighting inspector and was working on the job at the time.

The coroner was due to give a statement at the inquest on Monday.

The Federal Government is investigating the incident and is liaising with the state’s coroner.

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