How to track shipping, cargo and freight for your business

If you’re looking to run your own freight tracking business, you may be able to use a shipping tracking service like or

Both services will help you track your shipping and freight, including tracking your freight on a global basis.

However, both of these services will require you to use your own tracking software.

To help you get started, we’ve created this list of essential tools that will help your freight tracking software setup and work.

FreightTracker.comFreightTampers.comThis is the most popular freight tracking site in the United States.

If you need a free tool for tracking freight, you should check out because it has a variety of features. allows you to set up tracking dates and times, create an email account and log in to the service.

FreightsTracking also allows you upload your shipping tracking logs and photos and even send your freight to other businesses.

FreightsTracker has been around since 2009 and has been downloaded over 4 million times.

It’s also a great way to get started tracking freight and shipping for your company.

FreightingTampERS.comTampercount.comA company called lets you use its Freight Tracker service to create an online freight tracking profile.

Tampers provides a great option to track freight shipments and get your freight shipped to your customers.

FreightersTamperman.comFree FreightTracker for BusinessFree offers the ability to track shipments, including shipping and parcel tracking, to customers.

The Freight Trader Service allows you track the tracking status of shipments from your warehouse to your doorsteps.

FreighterTracking allows you tracking your shipments and tracking them in a global database.

You can track shipments as far away as 10 miles.

FreighterTracks also provides a global tracking number that you can share with others to get your shipment tracked.

FreightersTampering.comThe Tampering site provides a simple and secure way to track your shipments on your computer and smartphone.

This tool allows you set up your tracking log and download shipping and tracking photos.

FreewareFreewareTrackingFreightTrackFreeFreightTracker.netFreight Tracker is an online freeware tracking service.

This site is for free use only.

You cannot access the software for any commercial purpose.

FreewayFreight TrackingFreightTermsFreight Track is a free FreightTermination service that will allow you to track and terminate any shipment on your behalf.

This service is free for noncommercial use.

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