How to track your freight shipments via FedEx: The basics

A few weeks ago, we told you how to track cargo shipments to your home and business with FedEx.

Now, we’re sharing how you can also track freight shipments to other locations.

Here are some of the features we think you should consider when tracking freight shipments through FedEx:When you’re receiving goods, it’s important to understand how to properly package your shipment.

FedEx offers a free shipping and handling service for orders totaling $25,000 or more.

The service is available on most of its locations worldwide, but it’s best to check your area’s terms and conditions before sending goods to any of its facilities.

You can find more information about the service here.

Your delivery date and time must be exactly one month before the shipping date and your order must include a tracking number.

The tracking number will be displayed on your FedEx shipping label once you receive the order.

You’ll be able to find the tracking number on your shipping label at checkout.

If you need assistance, or need more information, you can call FedEx at 1-800-945-3844 or email [email protected]