Miami-Dade County firefighter wins job after 2 years on the job

MICHIGAN – A veteran firefighter who won the title of “first-class” by the county after two years on active duty will be awarded $60,000 in compensation, the city of Miami-dade announced Thursday.

The Fire Chief, who joined the force in 2011, received the honor after serving his first two years as the station chief and then as deputy fire chief.

The award comes in the wake of the July 5 fire that killed a man in a downtown Miami apartment building.

He died in the fire, which also destroyed the building.

“I’m really happy to be awarded this award.

I have to say I was honored,” said Joseph Daugherty, who was promoted to firefighter chief in June.

“I was a second-class firefighter for two years, but I was always on the front lines and always looking out for my colleagues.”

Daugherty had been in the police department since 2013.

He said he was proud of his service.

The chief also was honored by the Fire Chiefs Association of Miami, which is sponsoring the award.

The Miami Herald first reported the announcement.