How to buy and ship freight in Montana and South Dakota

SAIA Motor Freight SAIA motor freight SAIA has become one of the most prolific shipping companies in the United States thanks to its successful shipping business model.It has been the beneficiary of numerous federal stimulus packages that helped it expand […]

How to get rid of the abandoned freight truck at the Abbott Government’s Abbott Airport deal

AUSTIN, Texas — An abandoned freight shipment from the Abbott Airport has been unclaimed for three years.It’s not the first time the truck has been on Abbott’s property.In 2014, the cargo was shipped by the Abbott Administration to a warehouse […]

Trump administration orders trucking companies to stop taking jobs from foreign workers

The Trump administration on Wednesday ordered trucking firms to stop accepting foreign workers in its “high-cost zones.”The order would require companies to reduce their reliance on temporary foreign workers or cut costs.The orders come in response to the rise in […]