Cargo trucking company says it is working to lower the cost of its freight and is in talks with freight carriers to help lower prices

Cargo truckers say they are working to cut costs and help lower the price of their trucks and rail cars as they try to keep up with the cost pressures facing the rail industry.The trucking industry, which includes haulage companies, […]

Harbormaster: What we’ve learned from the Harbors latest disaster

Harbours latest disaster: Harbores latest freight shipment of freight,a truck carrying 1,000 pounds of coal,a tanker carrying 1 million pounds of diesel,a tractor carrying a load of 1 million gallons of water and a truck carrying another 1 million tons […]

How a Florida family lost their job as freight train derailed

A freight train carrying about 1,000 gallons of ethanol derailed in South Florida, spilling nearly 100 barrels of ethanol into the bayou.The train was headed to the West Coast when it derailed Friday afternoon.No one was hurt.The National Transportation Safety […]