US shipping company to spend $1 billion on new offshore drilling platform

A shipping company that has built the world’s biggest container shipping platform is seeking to expand the capacity of its new $1.4 billion offshore drilling rig to reach new locations.The Port of Seattle said Wednesday it will begin the process […]

How to get the lowest freight rate for car, truck, bus, bus &c

The lowest possible price is the ideal benchmark when comparing freight rates for different types of vehicles.This guide will show you what to look for when comparing rates.It will also show you how to calculate the cheapest rates for a […]

Harbor freight application from dremels in Denver

DENVER – The U.S. Department of Commerce on Wednesday said it has begun reviewing applications from the dremeling industry to ship freight by ship from the Port of Denver to ports in California, Arizona and New Mexico.The Commerce Department said […]

YRC freight jobs: How to secure the most lucrative jobs

With the global economic downturn hitting a sluggish pace, the labor market has begun to improve for truckers and their workers.But many truckers still face the biggest challenge: the unemployment rate.A report released Thursday from the International Monetary Fund and […]

How to sell a house in Seattle without getting caught with your hands in a jar of Flintlock-laced nail polish

Harbor freight gloves have long been an option for buyers looking to avoid buying homes in Seattle.Now they’re available in an upscale fashion brand.The gloves, which have a leather grip, are available in a range of sizes and styles, and […]