Harbor Freight Jigsaw: The Shipping Industry’s Future, With a New Shipping Partner

The shipping industry is facing a tough time in 2017.But that doesn’t mean that there’s a new shipping partner to take its place.It’s not like the industry is a dying industry.There are still billions of dollars in revenue for the […]

Why the feds will soon need to buy out harbor freight companies, and what they can and cannot do

The Department of Labor has asked for help to help it buy out companies like Harbor Freight Cartage, the largest freight delivery company in the country, in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.The Wall Street Review reported […]

‘The Last Man on Earth’ to Make an Entirely New Film Source Entertainment Weekly cover story title ‘ The Last Man ‘ To Make a Complete New Film in 2018: Deadline

article Actors John Cusack, Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks will play a bunch of former astronauts who crash-land on an alien world, a new film project that will reunite the stars, Deadline has learned.The film, “The Last Men,” will […]