R&l cargo truck with 2,000lbs of cocaine loaded at Italy border

Posted August 25, 2018 06:23:47Riccardo Fagnani/ReutersThe owner of a freight truck in the northern Italian city of Genoa says he was robbed and his cargo was stolen.

Italian police said the truck had a load of cocaine with 2.5 tonnes of it on it when it was taken on August 23.

It was loaded on the ferry to Genoa from Sicily on Saturday.

The truck is owned by a businesswoman named Francesco Fagnini, and has been in the family for more than 40 years.

The driver, Giovanni Battista, told Italian media he was driving his wife and daughter on a family holiday when he noticed a suspicious truck at the side of the road.

He said they were surprised to see it with the cargo.

“I asked my wife to get out of the truck, but I saw the two of them inside,” he said.

“They were just waiting for me to ask them if they were going to take the cargo.”‘

I thought they were coming to arrest me’The driver said he called out to them, and told them the truck was being loaded, but that the men had already taken the cargo from the truck.

“My wife told me she didn’t believe the truck driver, and thought they would arrest me, but he was not a police officer,” he told La Repubblica newspaper.

The man told the paper the two men pulled out guns and forced him to leave.

He went to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound to his thigh, the paper reported.

It added that Battista and another man were arrested. 

The owner said he had been robbed at gunpoint by two men who told him they were police officers.