Shipping boom lifts freight boom in Boise

Boise, Idaho — The boom in shipping and other goods moving around the world in recent years has been a boon to the economy, but it’s also a boon for the people who live and work along the way.

The boom has lifted some people out of poverty, as more and more businesses are hiring people from around the country.

And in Boise and surrounding communities, it’s allowed them to attract new businesses and businesses to expand and create new jobs.

Boise, Boise’s city-county government estimates there are about 100 businesses in the city, with more than 700 jobs, and there’s more than $50 million in annual economic impact.

The region has about 12,000 people working in the manufacturing sector.

And the city has become a hub for people who want to be a part of the new economy, with a number of job fairs, conventions and events.

The economic impact is clear, said Boise Mayor Chris Riggs.

It’s a huge boost to the community, and a good thing for the city.

“We can be competitive and attract the world’s top talent, and the growth of the economy has been great, so we can have a lot of success,” he said.

Riggs said it’s easy to see the benefits of the boom.

The Boise City Council approved a new tax that will help cover a portion of the cost of an annual convention for the entire city.

That means it will generate about $5 million in economic impact for the region.

Boisbokers are a big draw.

They want to know that their city is doing well, Riggs said.

The city has an annual event called Boise World, where about 100 people come to hear from industry executives, politicians and business owners.

It’s a fun place to be in, Riggins said.

Boislights tourism numbers have grown, but the city also needs more jobs, Riggsesaid.

And that’s where the tax comes in.

The new tax will pay for the convention, he said, but he said the money will be used to attract more people to Boise.

“You can’t go and have a convention here, and say, ‘We have $5 for every person who comes to Boise,'” he said with a laugh.

“It’s going to have to be about attracting more people,” Riggs added.