The 10 Best-Selling Air Travel Books of 2018

New York City has one of the most expensive air travel in the world.

If you are a long-haul airline pilot, you probably have a few questions about the cost of your flights.

Here are some of the best-selling travel books for long-distance travelers.


AirBnb, The Airline Guide by David J. Gans, Penguin Random House, $24.99 ebook: For anyone who has a desire to travel with as little money as possible.


The Air Trip Book, by Robert B. Anderson, Penguin, $29.99 paperback: A guidebook for people who want to book a flight and then check out the sights, sounds, and smells of the airport.


The Great Air Trip, by Mark W. Thompson, HarperCollins, $26.99 hardcover: For the travel purists who like to travel on planes.


The Secret Lives of the Airline Pilots by Richard S. Johnson, Scribner, $25.99 audiobook: An insider’s look at the business of flying.


The Flight Planner by Robert F. Schumann, Harper Collins, $20.99 Kindle: A planner that can be used to plan your flight or just to plan a trip.


A New Flight, by Jonathan M. Levine, Simon & Schuster, $19.99 e-book: The perfect companion to the Flight Planer.


The Flights of History, by Steven E. Rabinowitz, HarperPerennial, $18.99, hardcover, ebook: A chronicle of the airline industry from its earliest days.


Flight Book, The Aviation Guide by Michael A. Pachter, Penguin Group, $27.99 Hardcover: A wealth of knowledge for air travel enthusiasts and the general aviation traveler.


The Flying Cockpit: The Complete Book of Aviation, by David H. Pomerantz, Simon and Schuster (Simon & Schusters), $35.00 hardcover (Hardcover) paperback: This guidebook offers up a wealth of information on aircraft, flight lines, navigation, maintenance, and more.


Flight Plan, by Michael E. O’Brien, Harper & Row, $28.99 eBook: A masterful book about the business and safety of flying and a must-read for all aviation enthusiasts.


Flight of the Concorde, by Peter A. Beardsley, Random House (HarperCollins), $25 e-books: A must-have book for any aviation enthusiast.


Flying Home, by Philip J. Haines, Harper Perennial (Harvard University Press), $24 e-Books: A travel guide for the modern traveler.


The Best of Flying: The Definitive Guide to the Sky, by Jeff C. Miller, Macmillan (Simon and Schusters) $29 e-Book: The definitive guide to flying, in the style of the early aviation pilots.


The Ultimate Guide to Flying, by Chris Anderson, Harper (Simon, Schuster), $29 paperback: One of the top books on the air travel business.


The Complete Guide to Flight, By Michael J. Tuckett, Simon, Schusters, $35 paperback: For any aviation professional or hobbyist who wants to fly.


The Essential Guide to Aeroplanes, by Richard J. Osterholm, Penguin Books, $34 paperback: An indispensable reference book for all types of aviation enthusiasts, from experienced pilots to casual hobbyists.


The Aeroproducts: The Ultimate Aviation Reference Manual, by John E. D’Agostino, Scribners, $37.99 edition hardcover; $29 Kindle edition paperback: The book that started it all.


The Guide to Buying Your First Airplane, by Gary W. Schreiber, HarperOne (Simon) $35 e- Books: This book is a must for anyone wanting to start flying.


The Definitive Air Book: From the Air, by Douglas B. Smith, Simon (Simon), $34 hardcover edition paperback edition: An essential guide for anyone looking to learn about aviation.


The Aviation Book, the Guide to Aircraft, by Thomas R. Fossey, Penguin Publishing Group, Harper and Row, paperback edition paperback paperback: If you want to understand the history of aviation.


The Aircraft Illustrated Guide, by James A. Martin, HarperPress, $30 e- books: This is the best book on airplanes.


The New Aviation Book: The Flying Book, a Guide to Aviation, an Insider’s View, a Book of Aircraft and an Air Travel Diary, by Charles L. McBride, Simon& Schuster.

ISBN 9781590776475, hard cover, ebook, paperback, hardback: The best aviation book for anyone interested in aviation. 23