Trump administration orders trucking companies to stop taking jobs from foreign workers

The Trump administration on Wednesday ordered trucking firms to stop accepting foreign workers in its “high-cost zones.”

The order would require companies to reduce their reliance on temporary foreign workers or cut costs.

The orders come in response to the rise in domestic demand from the Great Recession, and it comes after years of criticism from the Trump administration.

“There is no justification for outsourcing any aspect of our national economic strategy,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

“We will continue to invest in jobs and infrastructure, and make sure our trade partners have access to the world’s best and most reliable labor.”

The president’s order would not affect the vast majority of trucking jobs that are carried out in the United States.

It would also allow companies to resume taking on foreign workers, although the order does not affect those who have been overseas for more than three months.

Companies that employ the estimated 3.4 million foreign truck drivers in the U.S. could still continue to accept foreign workers.

The order also seeks to address the concerns of some labor unions that have called for more protections for foreign truckers.”

This is a win for American workers and their families,” Sanders said.

The order also seeks to address the concerns of some labor unions that have called for more protections for foreign truckers.

The Trump administration has sought to rein in costs for the trucking industry, particularly in recent years.

Last year, it said the government would cut the cost of trucks by 20% by 2022 and reduce the amount of money it spent on fuel.

But it also has sought new ways to streamline the industry, including creating more flexible work hours and eliminating overtime requirements.

The trucking company that owns the Lincoln Continental, which is owned by the Trump family, said in April it would invest $200 million to hire 100 more foreign trucking workers in 2018.

At the time, it also said it would start accepting foreign drivers.

However, Trump has faced criticism for not doing enough to ensure that the jobs that were once taken by foreign workers would be taken back by Americans.

The president has said he would work to improve the conditions for American truck drivers.

In March, Trump announced he would reverse a policy that required foreign truck operators to pay more for fuel and maintain other benefits.

The policy had been in place since the 1980s.

On Wednesday, the White House said it is continuing to focus on jobs in the “high cost zone” and “will not alter the requirements for foreign-owned truckers.”