U.S. Navy’s new fleet of cargo planes is ‘tough and reliable’

The Navy’s newest fleet of container planes, with a cargo capacity of more than 12,000 tons, is “tough, reliable and easy to operate,” Vice Adm.

Michael S. Delaney, the Navy’s vice chief of naval operations, said on Tuesday.

Delaney said the new cargo aircraft will be used by the U.N. to move supplies and personnel to and from the U-28M3C fighter jet that was decommissioned in 2014.

The U-58C Blackjack, an older aircraft with a capacity of 15,000 pounds, was retired in 2018, but is being used to transport humanitarian aid.

Delane said the UH-60 Black Hawk is the most advanced aircraft carrier in the world, but it will eventually be replaced by the next generation of ships.

The Navy is also considering a proposal to use the C-130J Hercules aircraft to transport cargo.

“It is a complex mission,” Delaney said, “but the UHH-60 is an incredibly reliable and effective transport aircraft.”

Delaney also said the Navy has identified “critical” areas of concern in terms of the ability of its new fleet to operate in the Persian Gulf and in the Mediterranean.