When Amazon buys Freight Finance

Three months after buying the US freight finance company, Amazon is ready to buy it from the US Postal Service.

US Postal CEO Charles Schwab told CNBC on Monday that Amazon was interested in purchasing the Freight Financial company.

Schwab said Amazon would be buying Freight for $1.2 billion.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Schwab added that the purchase would be a “significant milestone” for the company and for the US postal service.

Amazon is a “huge customer” of the USPS, he wrote.

Schwabs comments come after Amazon announced it was acquiring the US mail-tracking service ParcelForce.

In March, the US Department of Commerce put Amazon under investigation for “failure to comply” with a rule that said the company must provide its customers with a list of its parcel tracking services.

It said the failure to comply “caused significant harm to the postal service and USPS.”