Why do some freight containers have a canopy on them?

A freight container has been damaged by a tractor-trailer truck in the San Diego Bay Area.

A woman who identified herself as a friend of a friend was driving along Interstate 10 in the northbound lanes near Interstate 15, about 12 miles north of the city of San Diego, on Thursday when she spotted a large black truck driving in the opposite direction.

She stopped the truck and noticed the damaged containers inside.

She asked the truck driver if she could get a ride to a repair yard, which he agreed to.

She went to the front of the truck, and as she waited, she noticed that a trailer in the truck’s bed had a canopy attached.

She called police.

The police officer drove the woman to a nearby truck repair shop.

She was able to recover the damaged container and found that it was a trailer that had been used to haul large volumes of containers for freight.

The trailer, which had a bed attached to it, had no roof, so the truck had to have a trailer roof, said Sgt. Brian Koehn, a San Diego police spokesman.