Why the feds will soon need to buy out harbor freight companies, and what they can and cannot do

The Department of Labor has asked for help to help it buy out companies like Harbor Freight Cartage, the largest freight delivery company in the country, in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The Wall Street Review reported that the Labor Department’s Office of Inspector General is looking into the company.

The company has about 7,500 workers and was founded in 1995, according to the Journal.

The labor department said Harbor Freights could have a big impact on the US economy, which has struggled with high unemployment.

The firm had $6.2 billion in revenue last year, according the Journal, which cited industry data.

It operates freight and container routes through the US and Mexico, and has been in the news a lot recently because of a series of derailments involving freight moving through the Port of Los Angeles in California.

In a letter to the Labor department last week, the company said it could use the help to “expand its capacity and services in key markets.”

It said it has more than 3,200 workers in the US, and its operations in Mexico and Canada.

The letter from the Labor Office of the Inspector General was sent Friday and did not specify what it was asking for, the Journal reported.

The Labor Department said the Labor Secretary would address the company at a later date.